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Roofing Contractor In Waterloo That Delivers Results.

Based in Omaha, NE, we are TDH Contracting. We specialize in Roofing, Siding, Guttering, and Drywall, covering the United States. We provide services for both Residential & Commercial properties, whether it be installation, repair, or replacement. Our team of engineers has over 25 years of experience in the TDH Contracting Business, helping our customers to have their properties looking great, whether it be after a repair or after a replacement.

We cover a range of locations in the United States including Florida, Jacksonville, Omaha, Nebraska, Iowa, and more. We cover other areas too so that you can work with our team on your property for replacement, repair, or installation. Speak to our team and find out more about the range of services we have on offer!

Who Is TDH Contracting?

Roofing Contractor In Waterloo

Based in Omaha, NE, we are TDH Contracting. We are a Family-Run Business in the USA, providing Roofing, Siding, Guttering, and Drywall Services for both Residential & Commercial Properties. Our team of engineers, office staff, and representatives work closely with our customers on every job to provide the best possible service. Whether it be a repair or replacement, we work with you as customers to provide you with the best result.

TDH Contracting Owner, Travis Harlow, and his family have lived in Omaha,  NE, providing services through his business for the community for over 25 years. With local experience, he covers a range of roles through his businesses and works with the Local Fire Service as a Fire Chief, helping the residents of Waterloo, Omaha remain safe. He has worked to build his business from the ground up, working with customers in a range of locations and sectors.

If you are looking to work with a contractor that has experience in Roofing, Siding, Guttering & Drywall, then TDH Contracting is the provider for you. With high-quality materials and costs, we can deliver the best possible results to suit your budget and needs. Speak to our team today to find out more about working with our business and your property.

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Our Range Of Services

Here at TDH Contracting, we provide a range of services. Our services include Roofing, Guttering, Drywall, and Siding, making the interior and exterior of your property look great! Our team has worked in our business for over 25 years, providing services to both Residential & Commercial Properties, from Houses to Businesses. We have worked to perfect our services to ensure that you see the best possible results from your repair, replacement, or installation investment.

Below, you can find out more about our services and information regarding what we can do for you to keep your property on track and to keep it looking great. From Roofing & Siding to Guttering & Drywall.

Speak to our team today to find out even more about services and to book your property for one of our services, whether it be repair, replacement, or installation.

Our Services

Property Repair & Replacement Specialists

Specialists In Roofing

With our experience in the Repair and Replacement of Roofing, Siding, Guttering & Drywall, we can help you and your property to remain on track. We work with the best tools and materials to ensure that what we provide for you as a customer, is the best possible. Without good materials and skills, how can we deliver the best service?

Here at TDH Contracting, we are a Family-Run Business. With that, we treat every customer like family too, ensuring that we deliver a good, personal experience. We know that every customer is different and we don't just apply one process or strategy. We work with you as a customer to ensure that we are meeting your needs and requirements. It's about working with you as the customer.

How Can TDH Contracting Help You?

With our 25+ Years Of Experience, we can help you with your Residential or Commercial Property. Whether you need a repair, replacement, or installation, our team of engineers can work with your property to keep your property, safe, dry, and looking great. We provide Replacement Services for Cosmetic Reasons too, whether it be aged material, small damages, or just a change in color scheme, we can help!

Working with a business such as TDH Contracting can help your property to remain structured and safe. If you don't repair your property regularly and as damages appear, then bigger damages can occur meaning more in-depth expensive repairs. By working with a contractor like us, you can rest assured that our knowledge and experience can help to keep your property on track!